Application for opening a debating club । একটি বিতর্ক ক্লাব খোলার জন্য আবেদন । Application-Writing

Imagine you are Anik, from Seroil Government High School in Rajshahi. Now, write a letter to your Headmaster asking to start a "Debating Club" in your school.

Date: 3rd April 2022

The Headmaster,
Seriol Govt. High School,

Subject: Request to Start a Debating Club

Respected Sir,

I am writing to share our strong interest in creating a debating club within our school premises. We, the students of your school, believe that a debating club would be a great platform for us to showcase our hidden talents and improve our knowledge. Through participating in debates, we can gain insights into various subjects and enhance our public speaking skills.

Furthermore, being part of a debating club would prepare us for competitions like the National TV Debating Competition. We have received consent from our Bangla teacher, Mr. Mizan Ahmed, to guide us in this endeavor.

Therefore, we kindly request your permission to establish a debating club in our school. We believe this initiative would greatly benefit us and contribute to our personal growth.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of the students of
Seroil Govt. High School, Rajshahi
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