Application for increasing common room facilities । সাধারণ কক্ষ সুবিধা বৃদ্ধির জন্য আবেদন । Application-Writing ।

Imagine you're Habib. You go to Faridpur Zilla School in Faridpur. Your school has a common room, but it needs more things. Now, write a paper to the principal asking for more things for the common room.

Date: 1st March 2022

The Headmaster,
Faridpur Zilla School,

Subject: Need for more things in the common room.

Respected Sir,

We, the students in class 10, want to tell you something important. Our school has a room where students can gather, but it needs more things. The room is big and gets fresh air, but it's missing some things. There are no fans and no water there. Also, we don't have enough newspapers, magazines, and books to read. There aren't enough places to sit either.

So, we're asking if you could please add more things to the common room. This would really help us.

Thank you,
Roll Number 2, Class 10
Speaking for all the students in the school.
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