letter-Suppose your cousin has won scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and has............

Letter to Cousin:

Hey there!

Hope you're doing well. I just heard the awesome news about your scholarship from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan – huge congrats! How's everything going so far in the Western country you're now studying in?

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about making the most of this fantastic opportunity. It's a chance to learn new things and meet new people. You know, Pakistan sometimes gets misunderstood out there, so this is a time for you to show the real deal – the positive side of our country.

Remember, being a good citizen and making a positive impact doesn't take much effort. Just be kind, cooperative, and helpful to others around you. It's like putting together the pieces of a puzzle – every little positive interaction helps build a clearer image of Pakistan.

Of course, your studies are the main focus, but don't forget to explore and try new things. This experience is like a blank canvas, and you have the chance to paint it with all sorts of cool experiences and passions.

Wishing you all the luck in the world, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey! Keep in touch.

[Your Name]
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