Letter to friend after reopening of school

Hey Arya,

Hope you're doing well! It's been a while since I got a letter from you. I'm curious, how are things on your end? Guess what? School is finally reopening after a super long break of ten whole months. I can't help but feel really excited about going back.

Just the thought of being in school again, surrounded by friends, is making me all bubbly inside. I can picture us all in the classroom, with our awesome teachers teaching us stuff on the blackboard. And during snack time, we'll totally share our snacks, just like old times. Oh, and I can't wait to have fun together on the playground. Time flies by when we're having a blast like that.

But hold on, I got so caught up in my excitement that I almost forgot about the whole COVID situation. Yeah, it's still kind of a thing. We have to be careful and keep our distance from each other. Masks and sanitizers are like our new best buddies. Playing together like we used to? Well, that's not going to happen as easily. It's a bit of a bummer that things won't be exactly the same as before because of this post-COVID deal.

But you know what? Despite all these not-so-fun changes, I'm staying optimistic. I really believe we'll tackle these problems and eventually get back to the way things were at our favorite school.

Alright, I'll wrap it up here for now. I'll catch you up on more stuff in my next letter. Send my love to you and say hi to your folks for me!

Take care,
Your buddy Hema

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