Tree plantation

People live in nature and rely on nature's help. Nature provides resources like soil, water, coal, oil, and gas, which are connected to trees and plants. Trees are closely linked to human life, so they are important for us.

Bangladesh is a country with many low-lying lands. We can plant trees on beaches, by ponds, dams, and highways. Villages also have spaces for planting trees.

June to July is a good time for planting trees. We need to plant trees all over the country. People should understand why planting trees is important. We have a "Tree Plantation Week" every year.

Trees help us in many ways. They partly solve food problems by giving us fruits and vitamins. We also get medicine and timber from trees. Trees keep the air balanced by using carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. Without trees, the air balance gets disturbed, and natural disasters like floods and cyclones happen more in Bangladesh.

Trees give us shade and shelter, make the soil good for farming, and protect us from erosion. They make rain and make nature look nice. Trees also help keep the environment cool. They can even be used as fuel.

In short, trees are very important for us. We should have big plans to plant trees all over the country. We need to stop cutting trees and make people aware of this. Let's try to cover Bangladesh with forests.
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