Write a letter to your friend requesting him/her to lend you some Islamic books

Date: August 2, 2020
Examination Hall,
City, A.B.C.

Hey there,

Hope you're doing great! I heard about your amazing achievement – getting that B.A. with top marks. You've always been a star student, haven't you? Remember how your book suggestions have always been on point? Well, I'm coming to you with a familiar request.

I'm spending my summer break in my village, away from all the city buzz and the libraries. And well, it's a bit of a bummer – I don't have any good books to read here. You know me, I can't resist a good Islamic book. They're my absolute favorites. So, here comes my favor to ask: would it be possible for you to lend me some of your Islamic books?

I promise to take good care of them, and of course, I'll return them to you once I'm back in Lahore after the vacation. Your collection would definitely keep me busy and make this break way more interesting.

I hope this message finds you in great health and high spirits.

Take care!

Yours sincerely,
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