Essay: A great Hero

Lincoln was a fantastic hero because he really loved his country and worked hard to keep it together. He fought against the people who wanted to break the country into pieces and started a big war to stop them. He was also really good at leading the country. Even when things were really bad, he always knew what to do.

Lincoln was a smart leader and he also knew how to make people laugh. He was patient even when people didn't understand him or were mean to him. When others wanted to give up, he stayed strong and brave. He didn't go to school much, but he became one of the best speakers in the country. He was really good at talking and convincing people.

Since he was a kid, Lincoln didn't like the idea of some people owning other people. He didn't want this to happen in the southern states. That's why those states didn't want him to be their leader, and this led to a big fight between the different parts of the country. But because Lincoln was so good at leading and inspiring people, he stopped the country from breaking apart.

Lincoln believed in treating everyone fairly. He was born in a small house made of logs. His dad was a poor farmer, and he didn't get much schooling. When he was little, he helped with chores like getting water and chopping wood. His mom read him stories from the Bible, and he loved them. He read more books as he grew up. He had a tough time when his mom died, but his step-mom took care of him and his sister.

Lincoln was really tall. Even when he was just fifteen, he was six feet tall and didn't know how to handle his long arms and legs. As he grew up, he did lots of different jobs to make a living. He split rails for fences, worked in a store, and did other things like being a postmaster and surveyor. He had a tough life like many regular people. But things changed for him in a big way.

He cared a lot about freedom. When he talked, it was like he was giving important lessons to everyone. He worked really hard to make sure that everyone in America could be free. Sadly, he died because of his efforts to free people.
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