Essay- Village life

Essay - Life in a Village

Living in a village anywhere in the world is closely linked to farming. Farmers grow the food we eat every day. They work really hard from morning to evening. Their wives and kids help them with their work. Farmers are considered the strong support of a country's economy because we get vegetables, fruits, and grains for our daily needs because of their non-stop efforts.

Village life is calm and peaceful. There's no loud noise like in big cities. People living in villages have few worries, and they live a happy life. They can enjoy nature without paying anything. The open countryside surrounds the village. Children can run and play wherever they want - the whole countryside is like their playground.

The air in the village is fresh, and the green scenery is attractive. Animals make their own unique sounds. During summer, villagers bring their beds under a big banyan tree to rest at noon. Some of them sing traditional songs like "Mahya" or the well-known "Heer," while others play different games. Children also join in and play. Some people rest, chat, or take a nap. They live a simple life, eating basic food and wearing plain clothes. It's a healthy but challenging life. Village life is truly pure and enjoyable. Villagers are usually honest and trustworthy. Only a few of them are really focused on making money. They are religious and have strong values, yet they remain humble and down-to-earth.
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