Human Trafficking - A Global Problem -essay

Human Trafficking - A Global Problem

Human trafficking is a serious worldwide issue that involves tricking and forcing people into bad situations. This crime is often hidden, so many cases aren't known or told. Human trafficking hurts people's rights. In a place called British Columbia, this is a big problem that people can't ignore. They say that around 500 young people under 17 years old are forced to sell their bodies in the streets of Vancouver, but this affects people of all ages. Some reports also say that more kids might be doing this indoors. In smaller towns, kids being used for sex is even harder to see. It happens in secret places like houses, alleys, parks, docks, and places where trucks stop. Some people think there might be about 10,000 kids selling themselves for sex in Canada.

Human trafficking is the world's fastest growing criminal business.

A person who does human trafficking can make a lot of money, up to $250,000 each year, by buying a girl and making her do bad things. This is different from illegal drugs because the drugs are sold only once before needing more. With the person, they can make her do bad things up to 30 times each day for many years, maybe even 10 years. It depends on how old she is when they take her and if she's healthy. Sometimes these girls get sick from bad things and they become addicted. In 2012, it costs around a few hundred dollars to get a girl like this.

Some Facts:
1. The usual price for a person who is treated like a slave around the world is $90.
2. Human trafficking often means making people do bad things like forcing them to have sex, making them work like slaves, making them do sexual things on camera, or tricking them into owing money.
3. They think there are about 27 million people who are treated like slaves in the world.
4. Many girls who are forced into sex work have a mental illness called PTSD. It makes them feel really bad and scared.
5. About half of the people who are treated like slaves are younger than 18 years old.
6. Many of these young people who are hurt this way also get more hurt by the people who are using them.
7. Young people who are hurt this way often have problems in their minds, use drugs, sell themselves for sex when they grow up, or get hurt by others.
8. Girls who are forced to have sex get sick with diseases like HIV, and it hurts their bodies a lot.
9. In the U.S., there is only one safe place for people who were hurt like this. It can only help a few people at a time.
10. People who are hurt like this usually don't ask for help because they're scared of the bad people who hurt them or their families. They might also be sent away from the country or get in trouble.
11. Sometimes, when the police get involved, they blame the girl instead of helping her. This is not fair.

Countries in the west are places where this happens a lot. They use these countries to move people around or make them stay. Vancouver is one place that's a big worry for the U.S. government.
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