Sent for Rework - Correction | Rework সমস্যা সমাধান পদ্ধতি

Sent for Rework - Correction  Rework সমস্যা সমাধান পদ্ধতি
Sent for Rework - Correction  Rework সমস্যা সমাধান পদ্ধতি

Sent for Rework - Correction | Rework Problem Solution

When applying for a passport, remember the status "Sent for Rework / Correction." If you go to pick up your Passport on the delivery day and it hasn't arrived but has a new issue, the problem could be "Sent for Rework" or "Correction."

Today, in this article, we will go over Passport Sent for Rework / Correction in depth. In small, concise points, we'll try to answer questions about why a Passport is sent for rework and how to resolve this issue.

What exactly does "Sent for Rework" mean?

"Sent for Rework" means "পুনরায় কাজের জন্য ফেরত পাঠানো" in Bengali. In English, it means that the Passport must be returned for rework or correction due to an error or discrepancy discovered in the previously provided information.

Why is the status "Sent for Rework" assigned to Passport?

The Passport is marked as "Sent for Rework" to allow for corrections to the information provided. If there are errors in the information provided during the Passport application process, or if required documents are not submitted, the Passport is returned for rework or correction.

Dear [Name], your e-Passport application is sent for rework/correction to the local passport office. Please contact your regional passport office. Passport Sent for Rework

👉What causes a Passport to be Sent for Rework?

💁 Errors in the information provided for the previous Passport:
(A) Incorrect issue date or expiry date of the Passport.
(B) Wrong Passport number provided.
(C) Changes made to any information in the previous Passport.

💁 Concealing information in the Passport application:
(A) Previously holding an MRP Passport but applying for a new e-Passport without disclosing it.
(B) Passport lost but not providing a GD copy during the application.

💁 Failure to submit necessary documents:
(A) Failing to submit essential documents either due to office oversight or your own negligence during the application process.
(B) Choosing e-Passport while having an MRP Passport and making corrections to the MRP Passport but not submitting the required supporting documents. In such cases, it is sent for rework.

💁 Discrepancy with someone else's information:
(A) If your information matches with someone else's, the Passport is sent for rework.
(B) If your fingerprints or photo matches with someone else's (happened in the case of MRP Passport in Bangladesh).

💁 Skipping a step:
(1) These errors are often due to office workers' negligence or unintentionally skipping a particular step, and as a result, the Passport is sent for rework before printing the Passport in Dhaka.

👉What documents are required to resolve "Sent for Rework" issues?

The type of required documents depends on the type of problem, and it is not specified which papers are needed. However, when visiting the office, take the Passport delivery slip with you. The slip serves as your identification until you receive the Passport.

👉Steps to resolve "Sent for Rework" issues:

1. First, check the e-Passport status. If the status shows "Sent for Rework / Correction," wait for 7 days.

2. After 7 days, check the status again. If it still shows "Sent for Rework," then take the Passport delivery slip and visit the Passport office or meet with an AD or another officer to discuss the issue.

3. The officer will explain the resolution process and request some documents from you to resolve the "Sent for Rework" status.

4. Finally, after obtaining all the required documents, meet with the officer again and submit them. Now, wait and periodically check the Passport status. If the "Sent for Rework / Correction" status persists beyond the next 1 week, meet the officer once more.

Note: Officers may be quite busy and may not give you much time, but don't be disheartened. They are the ones who can help you recover from the Rework issue.

💥Answers to some common questions about "Sent for Rework":

💥How long does "Sent for Rework" last?
The Passport application or reissue application may be sent for rework immediately or within 2 to 3 days.

💥💁When should I visit the office if it stays "Sent for Rework" for long?
If it stays "Sent for Rework" for more than 7 days, visit the office promptly.

💥What does "Sent for Rework" mean?
"Sent for Rework" means the Passport has been sent back for corrections or rework. (Similar to giving a paper for revision in many exams)

This article discusses the issue of Passport Sent for Rework / Correction and the reasons for Passport Correction or Rework. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
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