Passport lost circular bd - পাসপোর্ট লস্ট সার্কুলার বা সার্টিফিকেট বিস্তারিত

Passport lost circular bd - পাসপোর্ট লস্ট সার্কুলার বা সার্টিফিকেট বিস্তারিত

 Passport lost circular bd - A Passport lost circular is issued when a passport is lost. Only those who have lost their passports can obtain a Passport Lost Circular or Certificate from the Passport and Immigration Office of the Bangladesh government. This is an important document. A passport lost certificate may be required if traveling to India or other countries.

Circular bd lost passport

Every country publishes information about their citizens' lost passports, not just Bangladesh. Those who have misplaced their passports must fill out a General Diary (GD) at the nearest police station within 30 days. Then, using the GD copy, they can apply for a new passport, and once they have the new passport, they can obtain the passport lost circular.

What is the meaning of Passport Lost Circular BD?

To ensure the safety of its citizens, the Bangladesh government publishes a list of lost passports. This list is referred to as the Passport Lost Circular or Certificate. It contains information on passports such as:

1. Lost

2. Stolen

3. Damaged

4. Immersed in water (wet due to rain or water)

5. Not returned by an agent (in the case of international travelers)

What if you don't receive a passport lost certificate?

Some people may believe that obtaining a lost circular for a passport is unnecessary, while others may be unaware of how to obtain a Lost Circular. Lack of a passport lost circular can result in a variety of issues, including:

1. If someone commits a crime using your lost passport, you might be held responsible for it.

2. If a crime or accident occurs at a certain location and your lost passport is found there, you may face difficulties.

3. Someone else may attempt to use your passport to travel abroad. Despite the fact that such incidents were more common in the past, it is still prudent to obtain a lost certificate for your own safety.

4. Obtaining a visa in many countries, including India, can be difficult due to a lost passport.

The significance of the lost passport circular bd:

1. It protects you from being held liable for any unauthorized use of your lost passport.

2. It prevents difficulties in obtaining visas.

3. It ensures that no one can use your passport to travel abroad.

4. It creates the opportunity to recover a lost passport once found.

How does one obtain a lost passport certificate?

After applying for a new passport, all of the information from the lost passport is added to the Passport Office's list of lost passports. This is the Passport Lost Certificate or Circular list. After receiving your new passport, contact the passport office to obtain the Passport Lost Certificate or Circular, which may be required for a variety of purposes in the future, particularly when traveling to other countries.

Please keep this lost circular for the rest of your life as it may be required when traveling to other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lost Passport Circular bd

Q: How much does it cost to obtain a Passport Lost Circular?

A: There is no charge to obtain the Bangladesh Passport Lost Circular. However, processing may take 2 to 3 days.

Q: Is it possible to obtain a lost circular from outside the country?

A: Passport lost circulars are available at any Bangladeshi mission abroad.

Q: Do I have to file a GD if my passport is lost?

A: Yes, you must file a GD as soon as your passport is lost, whether inside or outside the country.

Q: Is the Passport Lost Circular the same as the Passport Lost Certificate?

A: Passport lost certificate and circular are both references to the same document.

Q: What is the significance of the Passport Lost Circular?

A: The Passport Lost Circular assists with visa applications and provides a method to reclaim a lost passport through the appropriate regional passport office.

If you have any questions about Passport lost circular bd or Passport lost certificate, please leave them in the comments section below.

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