Late Attendance Deduction in the Office

In Bangladesh, there is a prevailing practice where any employee entering the office three days late in a month will have their one-day salary deducted.

Late Attendance Deduction in the Office

Believe it or not, but this practice still exists in many multinational organizations. If you want to inquire about this under the Human Resources department of these organizations, you'll get nothing but a polite dismissal.

According to Section 126 of the Bangladesh Labor Law, if an employee is late to work for a certain amount of time, their salary can be deducted accordingly.

But there's one common issue that everyone faces, and that is the confusion about the deduction rules:

1. Divide the employee's base salary by 30 and then multiply it by the total days of late attendance.

2. Hourly Rate Calculation:

   Divide the employee's base salary by 30 to get the daily wage, then divide the daily wage by 8 hours. Finally, multiply this hourly wage by the total hours of late attendance.

Let's simplify it a bit:

Daily Wage (3000 BDT): 

★ (3000 ÷ 30) = Daily Wage × Total Days of Late Attendance

Hourly Wage:

3000 ÷ 30 = Daily Wage ÷ 8 hours × Total Hours of Late Attendance

For the calculation of attendance deductions in compliance with Bangladesh Labor Law, you should follow Article 115 of the Labor Code.

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