What are the basic tasks of compliance, or what are the main responsibilities of a compliance officer?

The field of compliance is vast and extensive, to say the least.

In other words, the scope of compliance is as boundless as the sky.

Within this expansive domain, we need to define the tasks of compliance.

What are the basic tasks of compliance, or what are the main responsibilities of a compliance officer?

In the journey of an organization, compliance plays a crucial role in ensuring the fulfillment of various obligations. These tasks can generally be categorized into two parts:

1) Primary/Significant

2) Secondary/Less Critical

Typically, these tasks are divided into these two categories.

Among the primary/significant tasks are:

1. Establishing the factory as compliant.

2. Ensuring proper workforce management.

3. Meeting the compliance requirements of regular customers.

4. Enforcing the implementation of all applicable laws and regulations at all levels of the factory.

5. Providing training to the employees.

6. Conducting compliance audit activities (second and third-party inspections).

7. Managing internal audits.

8. Implementing corrective action plans.

9. Ensuring the legal rights of the workers.

10. Ensuring the health and safety of the workers.

11. Establishing welfare measures for the workers.

12. Conducting risk assessment activities.

13. Improving communication and effective relationships between the employer and employees, thereby establishing effective industrial relations, and more.

These crucial tasks are what a compliance officer must oversee within an organization.

The main responsibility of a compliance officer is to ensure that the company adheres to external rules, regulations, and internal policies. A competent officer defines and examines the external rules and regulations to assess their relevance and adequacy. The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) also formulates and updates the company's internal policies and procedures. In different companies, the CCO may be hired based on experience and qualifications in compliance or related fields."
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