Will employees get a weekly holiday if they are absent?

Before and after weekly holidays, will employees get a weekly holiday if they are absent?

The answer is yes, 100% they will get it. Why is that?

First, let's understand what absence means. The condition is that the organization must remain open, and the question arises about how absence occurs when the organization is closed.

will employees get a weekly holiday if they are absent?

According to Section 126 of the Bangladesh Labor Law, it is stated that based on the terms of employment, if an individual is not present at work, it is termed as absence.

When you hire an employee, you write down their working hours in their employment contract, including the days they will enjoy their weekly holiday. This is also mentioned. Now, let's move on to Section 111, where any employer who has appointed labor inspectors to monitor working hours can specify which day will be the weekly holiday.

So, if an employer has specified any day as the weekly holiday in two different places, the day before and after it, and if there is absence, it can be considered as absence on the day of the weekly holiday.

Therefore, on the day when the weekly holiday is supposed to be, those who are absent will have to come to the office and reconcile with the attendance register. On Sunday, they can say, "Sir, I was absent on Friday. I have worked overtime on Saturday. I will be present today. I am entitled to a weekly holiday."

There are some people who talk about Article 106. According to Article 106, there is no mention of weekly holidays before and after for absenteeism. How to count it as absence on the day when a company does not have a working day, has never been considered.
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