Fiksioner v3 blogger template

Fisioner v3 blogger template is one of the fastest free blogger template. Besides Fiksioner has almost all premium fearures of a paid blogger template. Eventually version 3 is published on 01 September, 2020.

Fiksioner is developed by an Indonesian web designer Igniel who also designed Igniplex. Though Ingniplex is more advanced than this. But it has many features of Igniplex.

Fiksioner Blogger Template

It is personal blog category blogger template. Although you can use this for News blogs too if you need a theme for news catrgory website. Otherwise you can try Newspeed, Feltro Pro or Median Ui for news or movie category websites.

Description of Fiksioner Blogger Template

If you don’t use tons of javascript then this theme will give you premium feeling forever. Because javascript is the thing that slow down page speed. Check Pagespeed of Fiksioner.

Core Features

Here is some core features of this blogger template:

  • This theme is up to date because it is built on Layout v3 and Widgets v2. which is the latest and most advanced version of the Blogger template.
  • It has Related Article box under the articles page.
  • You can change everything because it supports blogger theme designer.
  • Beautiful dropdown menu made the navigation easy.
  • Responsive, fast speed, Seo Friendly, Adsense ads slot ready, on articles ads and many more features are available in fiksioner v3.


Download template Fiksioner for your blogger website from google drive. Hence, i will also share modified version if possible in future.

If you need theme for Ecommerce or Online Shop category website on blogger you can try TokoWhatsapp or Modernshop.

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