Automate Email Marketing by Getresponse Tool

Email Marketing is a perfect way to grow business in 2021. GetResponse is one such email marketing software or tool which offers more than an email marketing. It helps to get leads and sales of products and automate the mailing system.

GetResponse Ultimate Email Marketing Tool

Brief introduction of Getresponse

GetResponse has been in the business of email marketing since 1998 and the company estimates that more than 350,000 individuals and businesses are marketing through GetResponse.

Although the number of users is less than other popular email marketing tool companies (Mailchimp), GetResponse is an established business organization, which has no risk of sudden disappearance, that means it has enough loyalty. So, we can rely and trust on it.

How Getresponse can help in email marketing?

GetResponse is an all-in-one email and e-commerce marketing tool. This will allow you to do the following tasks that are perfect for email marketing.

  • Creating an email list
  • Send regular emails to mailing lists and Subscribers
  • Automated Mailing System – Automatically email will be send to subscribers
  • Full statistics report – See reports of your maling list and subscribers activities.
  • E-commerce essential features
  • Webinar Hosting
  • Landing Pages
  • Automated Sales Funnel

Features and Services they offer

Let’s find out what is special about Getresponse. It serves with –

  • Autoresponder
  • Marketing Automation tools
  • Email Templates
  • Responsive Email Designs
  • Analytics
  • Web Fonts
  • Landing page creator
  • Webiner
  • Conversation Funnel
  • Apps and Integration

Table of Price

The cost of GetResponse depends on the subscriber. Therefore, the more subscribers, the higher the cost. GetResponse has a minimum number of 1000 subscribers at 15$ to $99 per month and a maximum number of 100,000 subscribers at 450$ to 580$ per month. In case of annual and biennial plans you will get 18% and 30% discount respectively.


Plan Name Lowest Amount of Subscriber Price/Month Price/Year (18% Discount) Price/Two Year (30% Discount)
Basic 1000 15$ 12.30$ 10.50$
Plus 1000 49$ 40.18$ 34.30$
Professional 1000 99$ 81.18$ 69.30$
Max Custom Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable

How Getresponse is different from other email marketing tools?

Price/Costs are key to find out the Let’s see the pricing of different competitive email marketing tools and find out which is giving best service in lowest price. Usually the price is lower in Basic plans. So, in the below table we will compare basic plans of different Email Marketing tool company.

Email Marketing Tools Up to 2,500 contacts Up to 10,000 contacts
Getresponse 25$ 45.50$
Mailchimp 29.99$ 299$
Aweber 29$ 69$
Constant Contact 45$ 125$


I want to suggest you a balanced plan or pricing of Getresponse, which is my favourite one. Buy Plus plan with 10,000 subscriber which will cost you 66.50$/month and gain access to all the available features including e-commerce features, Weebiner hosting, landing pages and more marketing tool.

GetResponse is more than email marketing tool, but also an e-commerce business development tool. Also its services cost is a lot less than other marketing tools.

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