Request a Quote Form for WordPress

Request a Quote is a form that is used as a means of communicating with customers to inform the price of your product or service. Basically, it is suitable for all businesses that offer different priced products or services based on the requirements of the customer.

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to easily create Request a Quote Form for WordPress website.

What is Request a Quote?

Request a Quote is a type of contact form which is used to provide information about the price of a product or service based on the customer’s needs.

For example, if you provide website building service, the cost will vary on the type of website, domain & hosting, time etc. So you can find out the amount of money that will be spent according to your needs through Request a Quote form.

How much Important is this form?

Of course this form is very important to use if you are running the website for your business. Basically Quote requesting form will help you to collect customer information so that you can provide accurate price list to customers.

It helps to achieve higher conversation rate because customers Don’t have to provide payment information at this time. At the same it will help to generate more leads and sales of your product and service.

So let’s learn how to create a WordPress request a quote form.

How to create a Request a quote form in WordPress

To create Request a Quote form, we will use the WPForms WordPress plugin, which is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins in the market.

Using WPForms, you can easily create any kind of contact form through drag and drop builder on WordPress site.

Not only quote requesting form but also all kinds of forms can be created by WPForms. As example Contact, Billing/Order, Donation, Newsletter Signup, Suggestion etc forms.

Step by Step Guide: Create Quote Requesting form

1. Install and activate WPForms Plugin in WordPress. Take a look at how to install plugins in WordPress.

Note: You can create this form using WPForm’s free version.

Go to WPForms and Click Add New - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
WPForms > Settings > Licence Key 

2. After installation and activation, Go to WPForms>>Settings and give your license key. License information will be found in your WPForms website account.

Click on WPForms And click on Add New - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
WPForms > Add New > Choose Template

3. Now, go to WPForms>>Add New where you will see the templates and options of different types of forms. Since we will create Request a Quote form then give it a name and click on Request a Quote form template.

Drag and Drop Editor - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
Drag & Drop Editor – Customize form as you want.

4. Easy Peasy! Look at those blue Drag and Drop ready made element blocks. Just drag and drop them in the right place as your need.

5. Edit anything by clicking on blocks. Add or remove elements. Make it as you want.

6. After you finish building your Quote Requesting form, click on the save button at the top.

Add form in WordPress Post or Page or Anywhere

To use the form in post or pages, you need to choose a post or page or create a new one. For that, go to the WordPress dashboard and simply click on the post or page to edit or create a new post or page. Now follow me:

Classic Editor - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
Classic Editor 

1. If you use Classic Editor then there will be options on top of the post editor. That means option of WPForms will be next to Add Media option . To add forms, click on the option and select the form. Done!

Block Editor - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
Block Editor

2. And if you’re using Block Editor then click Add button (plus icon) to add elements. There will be an element named as WPForms, click on it. Now, select form and your Request a Quote form is ready!

WPForms Block Elements - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
WPForms Block Elements 

After all, you successfully created a Quote Requesting form in your WordPress website/blog.

Request a Quote form is Created - Webmasters Blogging Pedia (
Well Done! You successfully created Request a Quote form.     


Every professional businesses are using Request a Quote form to grow their business. So, I will suggest you to use Quote Requesting form for your business.

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